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Computer-Net Solutions is a technology company that can help with planning, implementation and support.

Managing a small business takes a broad range of skills and experience. There are always competing pressures on your time and resources, and you always have to watch your spending.

Having smooth-running and secure information technology (IT) systems can provide a strong competitive advantage and help your business be successful. A work environment based on reliable technology infrastructure has a direct effect on profitability and customer service by promoting productivity, communications and effectiveness. Making sure that all of this happens can be a big challenge however, particularly when you don’t have the expertise on staff to do the job. For most small businesses IT is not a core competency, so sustaining an internal IT department can be inefficient, costly and distractive.

Computer-Net Solutions, A leading IT Services provider for small business can help enable your business success by helping you effectively use and manage your technology systems. We offer a range of technology services that can help you address these challenges and come out ahead of your competition.

Our Mission

Computer-Net Solutions strives to meet the computer needs of the area. Our goal and mission statement is “to assist individuals and businesses in discovering ways technology can enhance their lives, and then help to implement those solutions. These solutions include a wide range of use from a single user platform to wide area networks. We believe that technology is a tool and when used as such can be a great asset to everyone.” We are proud of its high quality service and product offering. The mission statement only helps to reinforce this focus and dedication to clients

Company Profile

Computer-Net Solutions is an Information Technology Company with very broad based capabilities.  Computer-Net Solutions uses knowledge of hardware, software and people to provide a quality service to our clients.  The company has people who are certified by Microsoft as Small Business Specialists, Intuit as a Retail Solutions Provider, and a local college for Microsoft Server and Operating Systems.  Computer-Net Solutions has been open and servicing clients for over 14 years.

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