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Technology for Small Business Success

Enhance Your Company’s Capabilities by Implementing the Right Technology
Computer-Net Solutions will help you decide which technologies are right for your business
Deciding on which technology (hardware, software or service) to incorporate into your business can be a daunting task. Manufacturers and vendors may hype their technology as a must have in order to run your business effectively. Friends or peers are more than happy to advise you on the best storage device, PDA, wireless access point or wireless solution.

Don’t implement just for technology’s sake
Where do you start? How do you determine which technology to implement? How do you separate hype from reality? While it may be obvious, we have seen small businesses implement new technologies without understanding its impact, associated support and maintenance, or the real business benefit. You should never implement a new technology for the sake of the technology.

Benefit from our experience
Computer-Net Solutions has over 15 years of experience in managing and supporting IT networks for small businesses. We have assisted many clients, evaluate, implement and support numerous technologies. We are experienced with both theWindows, Macintosh platforms. Many industries have applications specific to their industry and Computer-Net Solutions is very knowledgeable with a large number of them. If we are not familiar, we will either partner with a software expert or learn the technology so we can support both the technology and You as well.

Get peace of mind with security, backup and disaster strategies
No matter what type of business, there are specific technologies that we recommend to all clients. For example, we recommend that all companies implement IT security strategies to protect the network, data and users. Most companies implement backup solutions as part of the security strategy, but many do not have a disaster recovery plan to follow in the event of a major issue or natural disaster.

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